Youth Adventure Tourism Attraction Of India

Better known as YATA-India, we are an organisation which specializes mainly in trekking and adventure activities. Through our network, we also promote sustainable tourism by offering custom tailored tour packages across India.


Our mission

Create the perfect traveler-destination fit

Our goal

Healthy mind and body

Our vision

To be one with nature and promote Eco-tourism

Our Team - Dedicated and adventurous


Hemant Rao

A highly experienced travel enthusiast who has headed loads of treks in North India. You can call him a wikipedia of adventure. Born and brought up in the mountains of Himachal, Hemant is a problem solver by nature who makes sure every aspect of the trek is as close to perfection as possible.

Story Telling
Lead guide
Problem Solver
Head of Operations

Shekhar Raj

With his solid love for adventure, Shekhar has successfully led various trekking and adventure groups across the Himalayas since 2013. He heads the Business Development team. He also heads the QA team to make sure safety and quality are observed and maintained in all our adventure programs.

Safety Expert

Pankaj Kumar

Pankaj is an extremely qualified and well experienced member of the team who has headed groups on various high altitude treks in India. If by any chance you are accompanied by Pankaj on any of your treks, his team building and trekking hacks lectures are few things you should look forward to.

Trek Hacks
Lead Guide